The Friends of the Library: Where it All Began

By Shirley Ramous, Founder

As a board member at the Library, we decided an active “Friends of the Library” was needed. I volunteered to get it going – I placed an article in the Bridgeville News asking for help and was surprised at the response. Nancy Gualazzi was the first one to call me and offer her help. Then her friends came on board and really were a big help: Darlene Bittner, Nola Martino, Jackie Hostutler, Linda Tome, Betty Copeland, Carolyn Harty, Ida Mannering, Jane Patton, Carole Bernabei, Elaine Salizzoni, Gloria Lutz, and Leigh Buzzato. If I left anyone out, I apologize, it was unintentional.

Our shelving in the Used Book Store was donated by Clint Hodder. The actual room was rented to us for $25 a month by Elizabeth Harmuth and the antique desk was given to us by Pat Goldbach.

Ernie Mihalyi put the store together for us and we simply grew from there. I worked every Thursday night and Jane Patton would help me out. We asked for book donations and received way too many, but we did a nice little business. We had a little gift shelf which was always popular- books were $0.25.

Fundraisers were very popular-Easter Bunny Lunch, Lunch with Santa, and many fashion shows. We used the Women’s Club a lot and St. Anthony’s Hall. All of the business people in the area were very generous to us.

We tried to gear many of our activities toward children as we wanted them to become users of the Library and take advantage of its services. We tried to participate in all Bridgeville functions. We are still growing and still staying true to that original idea of supporting the Library in everything we do.